Car Accessories for the Handicapped

It’s time to talk about car accessories, especially in regard to handicap accessories.  Remember that independence and mobility is important to just about everyone, regardless of whether you’re a teenager or a senior citizen. Handicapped accessories enhance independence and help your loved one stay mobile and independent as long as possible.


Handicap car accessories include a broad range of equipment from wheelchair ramps to sliding doors, adaptive equipment for steering wheels, brake and accelerator usage, and hands-free mobile communications. In most cases, car accessories designed for the handicapped are easily installed in just about every make and model of car, truck, and SUV.  For example, converting driver-side controls is available with many major automobile manufacturers as well as adaptive businesses that offer more options than others.


Catering to the disabilities of individuals can range from special seats, padding, and mirrors. One of the most common handicap car accessory conversions is the shape and design of steering wheels and driving controls. For example, one steering wheel conversion offers a variety of options including additional rubber grip sections, quick release button functions and attachments to steering wheels that increase safety. A type of steering wheel conversion called a ‘push/rock’ device enables drivers to grasp a knob rather than having to wrap their hands around a steering wheel, especially beneficial to those with arthritis of the hands. Hand control styles also include operation handles in a vertical position, allowing the driver to push or pull the lever for braking and acceleration.


Additional car accessories for the handicapped include parking brake extension levers, pedal extenders, and easier signaling capabilities that can be installed on either side of the steering column, depending on need.


Mobility aids for the disabled offer adaptations to small or large cars or vans and can range from simple gadgets to transfer seat bases to wheelchair lifts, adaptive electronic controls and even some voice activated driving devices. The sky is the limit in regard to handicapped discussable driving capabilities these days. Car adaptations offer the handicapped or disabled easier operation of basic vehicle components including door openers, interior lights, windshield wipers, horns, and interior lights.


Today, thanks to technology, people with disability have more options than ever before in regard to travel freedom. Car accessories for the handicapped make it possible for those with any type of disability or handicap to continue to attend and involve themselves in social activities, look for employment, or just get around.

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